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Unscreened 2014

Firefly Theater & Films and Haven Entertainment are proud to announce Unscreened 2014, the fourth annual installment of Unscreened, a hit development and presentation of world-premiere short plays by some of Hollywood’s fastest-rising writers and featuring multi-star casts. For the first time in 2014, Unscreened is presenting both a full run of four new short plays – which completed a successful March run – and a Summer Series of staged readings of six more new works, for 10 new works presented in 2014.

The writers for Unscreened 2014 were Nick Confalone and Neal Dusedau, Emmy-winner Eric Ledgin, Dan Mirk, and Niki Schwartz-Wright. They were joined by directors and Unscreened alum Will Greenberg, Beth Schachter, and William Wissler Graham. The cast included J. Claude Deering, Robert Baker, Jon Barinholtz, Jill Bartlett, Katherine Brandt, Patrick Censoplano, Nick Court, Kandis Erickson, Ryan Harrison, Neil Hopkins, Kiva Jump, Chris Marquette, Kate Miner, Brian Sacca, Michael Stahl-David, Melissa Stephens, Eric Tiede, Angela Trimbur, Amanda Walsh, and Chris Witaske.