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Unscreened 2015

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The final installment of Unscreened was the Unscreened Summer Series, which played September 17-19, 2015.

The Summer Series featured staged readings of new works by Matt McKenna, Raamla Mohamed, Jonathon Roessler, and Amanda Walsh. Directors included Greg Marcks and Jonathon Roessler along with Unscreened alums Nate Corddry and Emily Halpern. The cast featured Robert BakerAdam BartleyD’Arcy Carden, Kimberly CondictBeth DoverStephen EllisKat FosterChris J. JohnsonSteven KleinGavin LewisAbby MillerPhoebe NeidhardtJoy OsmanskiZack PearlmanKylee Russell, Olivia WashingtonSteven Weber, and Charlayne Woodard.

The brilliant writers of Unscreened 2015, which played April 30-May 10, included: James Ponsoldt, Jonathan Caren, Aisha Muharrar, and Liza Powel O’Brien. Aisha Muharrar directed her piece, while Jon Caren’s was directed by Larry Biederman, Liza Powel O’Brien’s was directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt, and James Ponsoldt’s was directed by Pedro Kos.

The cast included cast: Emily Davenport, Stephen Ellis, Christina Elmore, Jerrika Hinton, Helen Hong, Zoe Jarman, Marcus Johns, Steven Klein, Robert LongstreetAhna O’Reilly, Ashlyn Pearce, Zoe Perry, Travis Schuldt, Igor Torgeson, and Melinda Wade.

Unscreened 2014


For the first time in 2014, Unscreened is presenting both a full run of four new short plays – which completed a successful March run – and a Summer Series of staged readings of five more new works.

The writers for Unscreened 2014 were Nick Confalone and Neal Dusedau, Emmy-winner Eric Ledgin, Dan Mirk, and Niki Schwartz-Wright. They were joined by directors and Unscreened alum Will Greenberg, Beth Schachter, and William Wissler Graham. The cast included J. Claude Deering, Robert Baker, Jon Barinholtz, Jill Bartlett, Katherine Brandt, Patrick Censoplano, Nick Court, Kandis Erickson, Ryan Harrison, Neil Hopkins, Kiva Jump, Chris Marquette, Kate Miner, Brian Sacca, Michael Stahl-David, Melissa Stephens, Eric Tiede, Angela Trimbur, Amanda Walsh, and Chris Witaske.

This inaugural presentation of the Summer Series featured staged readings of new plays written and directed by Harris Danow, written by JP Derrick & Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and directed by Daria Polatin, written by Celine Geiger and directed by Susanna Fogel, written by Jordan & Justin Shipley, and written by Justin Sternberg and directed by Logan Kibens. The cast included: Beth Behrs, JB Blanc, Jeff Bratz, Drew Brooks, Gwendoline Christie, Adelaide Clemens, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Eliza Coupe, Will Greenberg, Ingrid Haas, Rob Huebel, Lauren Lapkus, Will McLaughlinLeighton Meester, Thomas Middleditch, Carly Pope, Amy Ellenberger Shapiro, Michael Showalter, and Michael Stahl-David.

Unscreened 2013

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The 2013 Unscreened writers were Will Wissler Graham, Daria Polatin, Mallory Westfall, and Corinne Kingsbury, and the plays were directed by Oscar-nominee Colin Campell and Anna Christopher, along with Will Wissler Graham and Daria Polatin. The cast included Robert Baker, Brooke Bloom, Nathan Corddry, Michael Stahl-David, Kelli Garner, Spencer Garrett, Will Greenberg, Steven Klein, Lindsey Kraft, Joshua Leonard, Lindsay Pearce, Haley Lu Richardson, and Chris StarrUnscreened press, including a feature article in the Los Angeles Times can be found here.

Unscreened 2012

Unscreened 2012 Poster

The 2012 Unscreened writers were Anna Christopher, Michelle Morgan, WGA Award-winner Dahvi Waller, and John Whittington. Susanna Fogel directed Dahvi Waller‘s short play, Independent Spirit Award-nominee Robbie Pickering directed John Whittington‘s, and Anna Christopher and Michelle Morgan each directed their own. The cast featured Chris Klein, Kandis Erickson, Josh Fadem, John Forest, Minerva Garcia, Jasper Grey, Will Greenberg, Anne Gregory, Ryan Harrison, Neil Hopkins, Steven Klein, Abby Miller, Tig Notaro, Noah Segan, Maria Thayer, and Derek Waters.

Unscreened 2011

Unscreened 2011 Poster

Kicking off a now-annual tradition, Black Sheep Entertainment and Firefly started Unscreened in 2011 to present four new short plays by some of Hollywood’s fastest-rising writers. The inaugural gang of writers included Emily Halpern, Leslye Headland, Beth Schacter, and Susanna Fogel & Joni Lefkowitz. The cast featured Sarah Agor, Michael Leydon Campbell, Julia Garro, Sprague Grayden, Will Greenberg, Steven Klein, Scott Kradolfer, Zosia Mamet, Cynthia Sophiea, Michael Stahl-David, Rachael Taylor, Jesse Williams, Amanda Walsh, and Shannon Woodward.

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